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Who We Are


To provide spiritual and emotional support as well as financial assistance to those diagnosed with breast cancer.


Lump to Laughter supports and assists all those diagnosed with breast cancer in the Southeast NC geographic area. Counties include, but are not limited to: New Hanover, Pender, Columbus, Onslow, Duplin, Bladen, Johnston and Brunswick Counties of NC. (Exception-Hope Packages are sent nationwide)


Lump to Laughter is dedicated to providing support for those diagnosed with breast cancer.  No woman should ever have to choose whether to pay her mortgage or pay for costs associated with treatment of breast cancer.  No woman should ever hear "You have cancer", without emotional support.  We aim to empower the hearts of women who are newly diagnosed with words of encouragement and support.  We equip women in providing for their basic needs through hope and financial assistance in order to foster hope and healing


History and Performance

Lump to Laughter’s vision began in 2005 when two friends, Renee Ballard and Connie Hill, walked through the journey of breast cancer together. Early in the process, it was decided they were turning this trial into triumph. Creating an organization that provided what they needed and couldn’t find during their own journey, a faith-centered organization that offered spiritual and emotional support to all those diagnosed with breast cancer. Summing up what we do perfectly is in the words of Dr. Charles Kays, who said of our organization; “I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of being able to take care of the women who helped organize and create Lump to Laughter.

If you ask me why I think it is imperative and necessary, having treated women with breast cancer over the past ten years, I found that cancer not only wounds the breast, but in so many women it wounds their spirit. The part of reconstruction isn’t just building the breast back but doing what you can to try and reconstruct their spirit.

There are multiple resources available that can tell one the types of chemotherapy, the effects of radiation, the survivability of the certain kinds of cancer, but there are very few places where one can go and get help with the reconstruction of their spirit. I think Lump to Laughter is critical in that it’s a resource that will help women deal with the emotional trauma of cancer and the effect of losing a breast or having breast cancer and I think that is what is acutely needed in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.”

There are a lot of women who go through this passage and don’t have a support system or don’t have individuals who can help them and are really left out there all alone with this fear of death and don’t have any resources to support them emotionally and a resource where they can talk to other women about their fears, their concerns and with women who have walked a mile in their shoes.

There is more to life than statistics and death and these women in Lump to Laughter are bringing emotional support and encouragement and making women see that it (breast cancer) doesn’t have to be a death sentence.”

In 2006, we began offering group support and prayer for those diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2007, we applied for and received our 501(c) 3, tax-exempt, non-profit, status. We further fulfilled our original vision of sharing our stories in order to offer hope and encourage to those diagnosed by publishing “From Lump to Laughter-The Story of Grace” in 2008 and began distributing the book in gift packages (later called Hope Packages) along with a Pink Bible and cards with encouraging scriptures to those newly diagnosed in our local area. We quickly realized, from the feedback we received, how absolutely necessary it was to provide this support. Women commented to us consistently that they did not feel alone and our support helped them during their journey and provided hope and fostered healing of their spirit. During 2008-09, we offered financial assistance to four women who had an immediate need during their treatments. Realizing that type of support contributed to the improvement of their general health and welfare, we added the Angel Fund program in 2010. The Fund was dedicated solely to offering financial assistance to those in active treatment in order to eliminate worry and remove the structural barriers & financial burdens caused by the added costs of treatments. This support empowered them, offered hope, fostered healing, and we continued to improve the general health and welfare of those we supported. In 2012, we redesigned our website which allowed us to offer virtual resources, interactive support through “Shared Story’s” which offered encouragement and allowed us to serve more than our local area. Our growth from 2012 speaks for itself.  

What We Do




Lump to Laughter accomplishes its mission in six ways:

  • “Hope Packages” ~ sending pink boxes filled with items that foster hope and bring joy to those newly diagnosed (Nationwide)

  • “Angel Fund” ~ improving the general health and welfare of those diagnosed with breast cancer, who are in active treatment, by removing structural barriers of financial burdens in order to eliminate worry, empower them, foster hope, and promote healing. (Southeastern NC)

  • “Support” ~ one on one and group support meetings to encourage and foster hope and provide. (Southeastern NC)

  • “Essentials” ~ providing free Essentials of wigs, turbans, lymphedema sleeves, and other necessary items needed during treatment of breast cancer that may not be covered by insurance. (Southeastern NC)

  • “Share Your Story” ~ Sharing stories of Grace, Hope and Faith to encourage and foster hope. (Nationwide)

  • “The Beauty of Hope” ~ a day of VIP treatment with limo service, spa pampering, dress up and photo shoot in order to reconstruct the spirits of those who are in active treatment for breast cancer in order to foster hope. (Southeastern NC)